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Better Off Ted 1x05 “Win Some, Dose Some”

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we hate you all

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Friendly yearly reminder that elections are terrible and anyone who tries to force you to campaign is a fucking arsehole and YES I am still bitter.

But also it’s really important to vote in an informed way so pls do but also fuck everything about campaigning itself and deals and the whole fucking biz.

Yes I am still bitter that when I was voted first on the ballot for a committee and said immediately that I didn’t want to campaign because it fucks with my mental health, that instead of engaging with my suggestions of how else I could help I was told to just keep ‘thinking about it’, and when thinking about it turned into ‘no I still can’t do this’ the reaction was to try emotionally manipulating me until I agreed. That the reaction I got was (and this is practically word for word) “there are people with diagnosed mental illnesses campaigning so you should too”, and “I am so stressed that I threw up the other day so it’s bad for all of us”, and when I still refused I was told during the week of elections that I would be removed from the ballot entirely. And the cherry on the cake was having the person who tried to manipulate me in the first place mentioning to the friend mediating that they had read my blog posts about how upset I was on my personal tumblr (which is not even connected to my Facebook in any way and I still don’t know how they found it or if they still read it) as a way for them to try to discredit or chide me for not doing the ‘right thing’ (which of all the fuckery of last year was actually one of the most privacy invading things that happened to me).

That is not a healthy or acceptable environment. That is not the way to look after your supporters, campaigners, candidates. That is an indication that the whole machine of elections is fundamentally not about what is best for students as a whole (including both long term and short term perspectives), but a kind of blood sport to be lost or won, and the system is set up that way to encourage it. I am still really, really bitter.

I spent a lot of nights awake, panicking about how to go about making campaigning as safe an environment as possible for people. And just having this huge ethical crisis of how I could even subject fundamentally kind, nice, good people to something that can be so gross and scary to begin with. I did a lot of strategising to attempt that, and even my mode of communicating with factions and talking to the collective about options was driven in a way that could potentially limit the emotional collateral. When I found out it was going to be worse than expected, I doubled my meds and was finally diagnosed with ADD.

The entire process of how people are approached to campaign is often really fucked up. I don’t think it has to be. It reminds me of the episode of Parks and Rec where Ron and Chris have a competition of who can motivate people to do more—Ron, with fear, or Chris, with positive reinforcement. Ron’s technique got more files sorted but with a huge number of mistakes. Chris’s got fewer sorted, but they were done right. 

I also made a lot of mistakes, and things happened that were far beyond my control or capacity. I am 800% sure that there are people bitching about my performance/outcomes, and I doubt they understand what I did at all, or my reasons for doing this.

I think this needs to be a work in progress, especially where mental illness has interplay with the process. I’d really like to write a report on what I did, how I did it and how it can be improved. 

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My favorite part of any episode of this show is to watch how Giles is 600% done with everybody.

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#my life  
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They call me “the public fountain” because I sweat buckets and it smells weird

Welcome to the Effexor club!

oh my gosh guys, i buy brand name and it is spelled with one F in Australia /breathes out/ that’s been bugging me for a while

I think we should start buying blotting paper in bulk 

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Cameron Domadgee

  • Indigenous Australian 
  • Arrested for being drunk
  • killed in police custody
  • eye witness says he saw officer Chris Hurley beating him with his fist, saying "you had enough Mr. Doomadgee. You want some more?"
  • police station footage shows Cameron  screaming in pain for hours until he passed away in his cell of internal bleeding
  • All officers present at the police station that evening had a BBQ, at which events of the day were discussed and statements to protect Hurley were prepared
  • Hurley said that he and Cameron “tripped” and “fell” as they were entering the police station, causing Cameron’s internal damage and death
  • the Palm Island police force, the very people who set out to protect Chris Hurley were the ones asked to carry out the investigation of Cameron’s death
  • A member of Cameron’s family said "if [Chris Hurley] fell on top of Cameron, why did he have a black eye and a bruised jaw?"
  • Coroner found that Cameron had suffered from multiple broken ribs and his liver destroyed, being cleaved almost in two over the top of his spine
  • Hurley had faced complaints previously from the members of the indigenous community on Palm Island, he had shown violence and extreme prejudice toward the people he was supposed to protect.
  • When the Indigenous community heard of Hurley’s actions and the subsequent actions of cooperation by the police force of Palm Island, the people of Palm Island had a riot, furious that a member of their community had been killed by a white police officer with no ramifications against him what so ever
  •  The riot was publicised more than Cameron Doomadgee’s murder had been and the public eye was focused on the “destructive” nature of the Indigenous people of Palm Island, and not the murder committed by Chris Hurley and the entirety of the Palm Islan police force.
  • Hurley was cleared of all charges (even manslaughter and assault charges) despite the heavy load of evidence that was weighed against him, and the entire Queensland police force came out in support of a man who murdered a human being
  • the only eye witness, an Indigenous man, was not asked to speak or give evidence at any point throughout the investigation
  • Chris Hurley had the charges removed from his work record, received time off with pay and was allowed to return to his position of power within a matter of months

Australia is, and always has been extremely racist. These so called “terrorist threats” is just white Australia reinforcing the fact that we are a country being led by white supremacy. The sooner people figure this out the better. 

(the use of this mans name has been approved by his family in order to spread awareness of the ever-growing racism within Australia and its law enforcement)

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every single scene from this show is on tumblr

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am I really seeing people saying that tipping is classist here in 2014

look, if you have a real, serious, ~ethical~ problem with tipping, there are two things to do: 1. advocate - and I mean really advocate, don’t just say “yeah I’m in favor of that” and then never think about it again - living wages for servers and other food service workers, and 2. don’t eat at places where you can’t afford the tip or where tipping is expected. “But you’re saying poor people shouldn’t be able to treat themselves!” No, I’m saying poor people don’t get to treat themselves AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHER POOR PEOPLE. Tips are part of food servers WAGES. Is it unfair that customers are expected to contribute part of their servers etc wages so the bosses can make more of a profit? yeah,  but just because it’s an unfair system doesn’t mean it’s cool to screw over the people who are the butt of that system. “But tipping is what the capitalists want! Tipping allows bosses to get away with not paying a living wage!” Maybe so but you individually not tipping on one meal is not going to crumble the entire capitalist system and force bosses to pay their workers a living wage, all it’s going to do is fuck over some person in a sub-minimum wage job. Their boss doesn’t care if you tip or not. I cannot believe that on my birthday people are saying that not tipping is an ethical, anti-classist/anti-capitalist leftist political standpoint to take. Get your head out of your ever-loving ass. 

Not gonna run with this in Australia, exactly. Like… stuff here is pretty complex and arguing for tipping without exploring what the cash economy is doing here is pretty short-sighted. But if you want to avoid the ethics of tipping, make sure you only visit businesses where you’re 100% sure workers are on the books and getting proper wages.

There are a lot of things to be wary of with regard to businesses paying people under the table (and usually not award wage), like not accepting card. If you can’t afford to pay your staff a living wage, your business model is unsustainable. And they get away with that cos people are desperate for work, and expect me to take on the guilt of how much I should give to people because their bosses aren’t. and if you’re being paid under the table you’re sure as heck not joining the union who could be fighting for you to get better pay and conditions. Those are workers who won’t be able to go on strike and will have a hell of a time reporting harassment or worse. 

The increases to taxi fares in Melbourne are one of the best examples of how tipping was exploited. They were increased by thirty per cent earlier this year just to approximate a living wage for taxi drivers, and gave license owners a slightly smaller percentage of the fare. Taxis in Melbourne were the lowest anywhere in Australia, by far, (they’re still the lowest). The industry was furious when the increase was announced. Fares are also tiered now by distance traveled and whether it’s during peak times. The low cost of taxis benefited the owners hugely and put the onus on passengers to tip. I spoke to a lot of drivers between when this was announced and implemented to ask whether the tipping model would suit them better, and not one said they preferred it. They were working about 80 hours a week to get by. 

When you are using a service backed by an industry, you as an individual should never have the guilt put on you to support the individual service provider. The people looking each other in the eye as money is transferred is a big fucking way of guilting them. And subsequently supports the people you’ll never have to look in the eyes in keeping up unfair practices. 

What the changes to taxi charges meant for me, who takes a lot of short trips, is that I don’t need to wonder how much I am supposed to give to alleviate my guilt for taking up someone’s time. I know that I’m charged more for going a short way and that it has been designed to avoid having the drivers fucked over. I still tip a lot of the time, smaller amounts, but I don’t have to worry about whether I am tipping enough for someone to be earning a living wage without working their self to death. Taxis are one of the easier places to better conditions because it is not a total cash economy but relies on it to buffer salaries without the higher ups in the company taking a fall. For businesses operating on it more, it’s messier and more complicated.

Of course, a lot of people who live in the cash economy will be the most vulnerable and might be doing so to still attain measly Centrelink payments or not breach the ridiculously low work hours allowed by the government for international students. But with all of this going on under the table, the outcry for higher Centrelink payments and fairer work standards is really weakened.

This is having a big impact on tax bases around the country. In 2012, nearly a billion dollars was lost to New South Wales. Having too few taxes to put back into the economy, the then Premier suggested raising the GST - a regressive tax which will impact poor people more. Raising the GST would increase reliance on the cash economy and compound the problem. Conservatives love systems that rely on tipping and people using their ‘free choice’ to decide whether workers should have a living wage.   

The other parts of the cash economy - drug deals, and renovations/building/etc done cash in hand do not attract tips, because you know that the person doing the work is getting more than they would if the government were there to interfere. You tip when you know business is fucking over an employee. You’re paying off your guilt with a few dollars here and there because the system is designed to stop those workers joining together to fight for something better.

You can call for individuals to tip or consciousness raise, but that movement needs to be collective and driven into the public eye. It’s actually a really big ask given the number of inhibitors imposed on doing that. I think it should happen, but it’s not simple.

sources [1], [2], [3], [4]

if you’re being paid cash in hand and aren’t sure what that could mean for you, there’s a good guide on the ATO website - it’s fine/legal if you and your employer are abiding by the law, but you’re more likely than them to be fucked over if they’re not

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